Tarot Camp




Calling All Light Workers, Intuitive’s, Healers and anyone feeling pulled to explore Tarot…

Have you always wanted to learn Tarot but never sure where to start?

Have you been wanting to connect with your inner powers and spiritual gifts?

Do you sometimes pull individual cards but don’t know how to read or interpret what you pull?

Are you intuitive and know there is something more for you?

Is your witchy heart ready to take your Tarot journey?


This course is an 8 week course designed to teach you what you need to know to be able to read tarot personally or professionally.


If you want to discover how to trust your inner wisdom, read Tarot, and serve others then keep reading.


Tarot has transcended time as a reliable guide and channel for inner wisdom, crystal clarity, and personal growth.

Whether you already practice Tarot, or you’re just discovering that it’s the right tool to activate your intuitive gifts… the time has come to bring Tarot into your reality



  • Being confident when you lay out a card spread and understanding the story and message being relayed to you
  • Trusting your intuition and interpretations
  • Empowering others by giving them guidance


Whether you want to simply read for yourself and loved ones, or go on to become a professional Tarot reader, Shanny offers a way to take your Tarot readings to the next level.


This Program Is For You If…


  • You can’t figure out the meanings or memorise 78 Tarot cards
  • You look up meanings in your Tarot book
  • You want to read Tarot from your knowledge and intuition
  • You want to trust your intuition and just need some assistance
  • You are READY to build a deep connection with your Tarot cards
  • You want to be an amazing, confident and intuitive Tarot reader


Together, we’ll work through the 78 Tarot cards so you can master each and every one of them



Module 1:

Intro into Tarot

Connecting with your cards

Structure of Major arcana


Module 2:

Suit of Cups

Suit of Wands


Module 3:

Suit of Swords

Suit of Pentacles


Module 4:

Numerology of the Cards

The Zodiacs of the Cards


Module 5:

Interpreting time

Chakras associated with the cards


Module 6:



Module 7:

Practise readings


Module 8:

Practise readings


Start Date:

This course is Learn at Your Own Pace




Full Price $499.99 aud


Extra details:

All lessons are pre recorded. Modules are sent weekly


Tarot Camp

An 8 week online + learn at your own pace Tarot course to read cards like a pro





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