Selenite! My favourite stone of all stones. It’s the one stone that comes with me on all my travels and as a healer, I use it to balance energies that are rising and releasing in my clients during an energy session. What does it do? Basically all the important stuff! It’s main purpose is spiritual [...]


With the Blood Full Moon Eclipse happening on the 28th July 2018, we're now only 48 hours away from Mercury going retrograde ( 26th July 2018 ). This means a whopping 6 planets will be in retro right now. Incase you don't already know, an eclipse is the direct alignment of the sun, earth and [...]

Say This To The Universe!

By now you probably know I'm a fan of affirmations, right? I mean who’s not? They're so crazy brilliant at shifting the focus and changing our vibration but strangely affirmations are one of the most overlooked tools and practises despite how available and potent they are. Whaaaaat?! If you've been overlooking the practise of affirmations, [...]

Turmeric Latte

Turmeric is such a wonderful spice full of healing properties! NO wonder it's a staple for so many health enthusiasts and natural practitioners. One of my favourite benefits from turmeric is it's ability to work as an anti inflammatory. Considering so many disease and illness’s start from inflammation in the gut  ( including my own [...]

Daily Prayer

  Dear( God, Angels, Universe, Source, Moon, Mother Earth..Whatever you believe in) Please grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference. Please align me with your will for me and grant me the power to carry that out. [...]

My Top 6 Affirmations

Ok, so I LOVE affirmations! For me they shift my mindset immediately from fear to faith and remind me of the Divine power that’s above, below and within whilst grounding me in the vibration of what I desire. ( Ohhhh yeah!) I find them particularly powerful and necessary in times of stress, worry and chaos [...]

A letter to the girl I used to be..

Darling girl, There is not enough love I can gift to you. I see you, that girl, the old me and your light was out for so long that it felt normal. You poured so much into other people who never gave anything back. You operated on empty and still had the kindest and most [...]

Letters from my gypsy soul..

Sweet girl, Don’t be hard on yourself for opening your heart. Don't feel silly. You're allowed to feel as deeply as you want no matter the time, distance or connection. It’s not foolishness, it’s bravery. Your gentle heart will be ok so don't close it down. Whatever you do, please don’t close it back down. [...]

Dear Future Husband – Letter #2

As an awakened woman I crave soul connection. I crave authenticity. I crave a certain type of magic. I don’t care about your car, your house or your money. Teach me things. Ask me questions. Allow me to tell you my deepest fear's or random thought's.. Take me on random adventures. Laugh with me until [...]