Angel Number Meanings

111- Encourages you to keep following your intuition. You’re on the right path. Listen to your gut. Your intentions are manifesting quickly. Focus on what you WANT, not not on what you don’t want. Keep your thoughts positive.

222 – You’re on the right path. Keep trusting that everything is working out perfectly for you. You’re in the right place and the right time. You’re being supported by the physical and non- physical realm to take inspired action toward your endeavours. 

333- Balance your thoughts, feelings and actions. You’re guides are with you guiding and assisting you.

444- The Universe is protecting you. Pay attention to your thoughts. You’re surrounded by angels. They recognise your progress.

555 – Big changes are coming. The Universe is moving things around in your favour. Prepare of exciting shifts. Let go of things that don’t serve you.

666- Your thoughts need some refocusing. Reconnect with your higher self and see through your current limiting beliefs. You have infinite potential.

777- Luck is on your side. You’re in perfect alignment to receive. Keen and eye out for opportunities sent directly from the universe, out of no where. You’re on your path. Keep going 

888- Financial abundance is on the way. Your aligned with your financial desires. Your current path is leading to prosperity

999- You’re being asked to complete something that needs to be finished. Completion will unlock the key to the next miracle for you. You’ve learned everything you can from a current situation. It’s time to move on

000- Preparing for new. You’re guides are letting you know they are walking along side you



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