Scorpio Super Moon Affirmation

May is a big month, celestially. Next week the first of three major retrogrades will kick off but first, tonight and tomorrow night ,the third and final supermoon of the entire year will grace the sky — and it’s going to be major. 

It’s a Super Flower Moon, occurring in Scorpio. That means it’ll bring up some strong feelings. 

Scorpio is an evolutionary sign, which makes this a great time to release past hurts and make amends with others. Perfect, right?

So why not add this affirmation to your Full Moon ritual over the next few days to get yourself into alignment with what this Scorpio Full Moon is all about!


I fully and freely release anyone who has hurt me or who I have hurt. I release them and myself to the highest good of all. I send forgiveness and I openly receive forgiveness 




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