March Super Full Moon 2020

The March 9th Super Full Moon falls in the sign of Virgo. Shortly after the Full Moon peaks, Virgos ruling sign Mercury comes to the end of its retrograde as well. Yay!

Super Moons fall close to Earth, allowing us to feel its effects strongly. It is important that we stay hydrated and take the time to recharge our batteries at this time.

This Super Full Moon is going to shine a light on things that have felt foggy or unclear. It is going to leave a trail of breadcrumbs for us to follow so we can find our way forward.

What are you not paying attention to? What nagging signs or symptoms have you been pushing away?

This Virgo Super Moon is a seeker of truth and will be guiding us to follow the trail of breadcrumbs so we can come to new realisations, healings, and awakenings.

Virgo is represented by the virgin, but this symbol is more about coming into our own strength and inner wisdom. It is about knowing that we have the power to heal ourselves, others, the planet, and our collective heart.

So what exactly is a super moon? Well, a full moon occurs when the sun sits directly opposite the moon. Same goes for the supermoon, except the moon is as close to the Earth as it can possibly get, therefore, it looks bigger and brighter.

During this Full Moon ( moon energy is strong 3 day before and 3 days after the actual Full Moon). Think about everything you’ve been given no choice but to work on these past few years. Themes revolving around your sense of security, long-term goals, and personal success have likely overpowered everything else, but don’t worry, your hard work will soon pay off.

The Super Full Moon energy may heighten your intuition and give you vivid or prophetic dreams. Take note, as this is how Neptune communicates with us.

Whatever is exposed under this Full Moon, know that Neptune’s energy encourages you to work from the heart and to keep your ego in check. It encourages you to transcend the physical for a moment and to view things through the lens of your higher self.

This can be hard to do. As life unfolds we can get reactive, we can get stuck, we can get upset and triggered. And this is ok. We are human, we need our ego and we need to learn to get along with it.

But we also need our spiritual connection too. We need to step outside of the mundane and the physical and see that we are so much more.

You are powerful; you are intuitive; you can tune into the Moon and allow it to guide you.

The March Full Moon prepares us for this new chapter that is awakening. It is a time of illumination, healing, and radical self-acceptance.

March has bold, potent energy, and with this Moon we are going to be feeling the intensities and the transformations that this month brings.

There is strong, transformative energy flowing all the way through the month of March, and with this Full Moon illuminating or highlighting things for us, we need to ensure that we are protecting and looking after our own health and wellbeing.

It is time for us to enter a new cycle, but before we can step onto this new path that is opening for us, we have to bring acceptance to where we stand today.

We have to radically accept our past, our pains, our grief, our mistakes, our triumphs, our family, our story, so we can move forward.

This Full Moon is clearing a path, it is shining a light, and if we want to take that step forward, if we are ready to accept what has come, there is energy supporting and holding us.

Neptune, the planet of spirituality, is also very active at this Full Moon. It will be guiding us to step out of our ego and into a place of heart and soul.

Moon Wishes Manifestation Ritual

Tools: Paper, pencil, box or jar, candles and matches

What to do: List your manifestations. Let the spirit of the evening move you! This one is simple and so beautiful. 


  • Start by lighting a candle, focus on getting present and letting go of everything spinning through your mind. 
  • Spend a few moments thinking about what you want to release, and what you want to call in. 
  • Take the paper and one by one jot down the things you’d like to have show up into your life over the next month – these are your full moon wishes.
  • Place the wish list someplace special: in a pretty box, for example – or roll up the page and place it in a jar – and then set it outside to soak up the moonlight.
  • In the morning bring the wishes back inside and place it somewhere you will see it daily. I have a little altar over the fireplace in my bedroom where I keep mine, but something as simple as placing it on your night stand works just as well. Each evening before you go to sleep, take a look at your list and reflect.

Shanny  x



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