Our Shadow Self

The shadow is a side of your personality that contains all the parts of yourself that you don’t want to admit to having. We all have an idealised self and a shadow self.

Shadow behaviour is a negative, automatic, unintentional, unconscious response to events, people and situations.

We all have different shadow behaviours which can look like but not limited to defensiveness, resisting change, manipulating others, acting aggressively, overbearing, impatient, territorial and moodiness.

“ Shadow behaviour is a block to our best self and is basically the dark side of our personality”.

Some classic shadow signs are anger, blame, laziness, insecurity, co-dependency or sometimes even overly dependant. ( Not allowing anyone to help you )

How do you get rid of your shadow side? You can’t! We all have a shadow. It balances us out – light and dark.

The key is to become aware of it to become more aware and conscious. What we accept and understand about ourselves gives us the gift and ability to be accepting and understanding of others.

If you feel uncreative or uninspired in life, working on your shadow may help. The more free we feel emotionally, the more free we are in the ways we think and what we believe we can accomplish.

When we repress or deny things about ourselves the don’t disappear. They usually grow and gain more momentum. Our repressed shadow side is usually what we project.

The shadow is usually one of the first things my clients will face when working with me. In a safe space we journey inward to see the shadow aspects within that are wanting and needing love an attention.

“ Your task is not to seek for love but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it”.

People display shadow behaviour in varying degrees. At first it’s unconscious. It’s only through applied effort that we become self aware and begin to recognise our shadow.

Whilst one aspect of our shadow might be sadness, anger and laziness at the same time we might also be our personal power, independence, magic and emotional sensitivity.

Why is it important to know our shadow? Well, when we can recognise our shadow we become more balanced and whole.

Eg – if we face our anger we know how to set better boundaries and can control our emotions more easily. Knowing our shadow can have a dramatically positive effect on our relationships.

If you feel stuck in life, working to understand your shadow can help because the “ego self” we cling to is the source to almost all our problems. It’s our own self referential system and holds false assumptions of our reality. So, addressing the shadow self minimises our false assumptions of reality and brings us closer to truth and freedom.

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