Selenite! My favourite stone of all stones. It’s the one stone that comes with me on all my travels and as a healer, I use it to balance energies that are rising and releasing in my clients during an energy session.

What does it do? Basically all the important stuff!

It’s main purpose is spiritual activation and aura cleansing. It helps open the 3rd eye and unblock the crown chakra which leaves a flowing channel to source.


Selenite is actually named after Greek Goddess Selene, giving it a special connection to the lunar cycles and the Divine Feminine and when we use selenite to clear our energy field we enable a more flowing connection with our higher self which is hashtag goals, am I right?  Or am I right?

Basically selenite helps clear etheric blocks allowing a more free flowing state of energy through the higher chakras.

It can be used for healing, meditation, cleansing of the home and aura, removal of negative energies, as well as directing high frequency energy back to the body.

The best thing is there is no right or wrong way to use it!

How to use it :

Meditation :

If you have 2 selenite stones, you can place one in each hand while you meditate or place one either side of you on the ground.

Lying down medi : place selenite on your chest as you meditate and allow it to work it’s magic.

Selenite promotes energy balancing during meditation and in healing sessions which creates shifts in your energy state.

You can also comb your body pre mediation to ground yourself. ( I love doing this )

Aura Cleanse :

Before you go to bed each night, cleanse your aura by holding your wand in one hand combing the body from your head down to you toes, just like you would with your stage stick and with the intention of removing heavy energy, energy that isn’t yours and anything else you may have picked up that doesn’t serve you.

Cleaning Your Space :

Whether you have a social gathering at your house, spend time around a heavy situation or person or just feel there is funky energy in your home, it’s important to regularly cleanse your special space.

As well as saging, using your selenite wand is a great way to cleanse your space of energy that doesn’t align with you

Holding your wand in one hand, move through your home waving the wand and holding the intention of removing anything heavy, paying particular attention to corners, behind curtains and thresholds.

Permanently placing selenite at the threshold of your home or bedroom is a great way to keep your space full of clean energy.

Maintenance :

Selenite is one of the few stones that are self cleansing and self charging. You can even use your selenite stone to cleanse and recharge your other crystals and jewellery by simply placing them on top of your selenite stone overnight.

NOTE: Selenite is very delicate.  If you have an unpolished, rough cut wand you will need to treat it with love and care as it can very easily shard, patricianly in transit ( Trust me ).

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