Say This To The Universe!

By now you probably know I’m a fan of affirmations, right? I mean who’s not?

They’re so crazy brilliant at shifting the focus and changing our vibration but strangely affirmations are one of the most overlooked tools and practises despite how available and potent they are. Whaaaaat?!

If you’ve been overlooking the practise of affirmations, I’ve got one for you this week.

Why not get back into it right away and make a declaration to the Universe that you’re ready for all your greatness?




With this affirmation you’re telling the Universe you’re ready and willing to step up fully to your potential and let’s face it, the Universe will always deliver if your declare you’re ready!

With 7 months left of 2018 are you ready to step up fully?

Hint – Say this affirmation as many times as you can throughout the day and see what starts showing up for you.

Big love,

Shanny x

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