My Top 6 Affirmations

Ok, so I LOVE affirmations!

For me they shift my mindset immediately from fear to faith and remind me of the Divine power that’s above, below and within whilst grounding me in the vibration of what I desire. ( Ohhhh yeah!)
I find them particularly powerful and necessary in times of stress, worry and chaos ( EGO). Affirmations really stop me from feeding into the drama of the situation almost immediately.
They also always remind me of the power of my words and how quickly a situation can change depending on what I focus on.

I want to share with you my 6 most used Affirmations that ALWAYS help me shift back into alignment with the Universe.

Checkkkkkkk it…


“ Everything is always working out for me “

“ What energy, space and consciousness can I be to have _______ show up right away with total ease?”

“ Everything is happening for my highest good “ ( always a good one when it feels like shit is hitting the fan )

“ What would it be like to have ______ turn out better than I ever imagined possible?”

“ Show me the way God. Show me what to do and I will do it”

“ I am a Divine being. I am God. I am the Universe. I am that, I am.”


Try any or all of these. Repeat and repeat and repeat until you feel the shift.


Lots of Love,

Shanny x

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