A letter to the girl I used to be..

Darling girl,
There is not enough love I can gift to you. I see you, that girl, the old me and your light was out for so long that it felt normal. You poured so much into other people who never gave anything back. You operated on empty and still had the kindest and most forgiving heart.
Thank you for remaining so gentle. Thank you for always seeing the best in humans. That saved us. That heart of yours. It kept us believing in love and the goodness that is all around.
When my mind shows me all the times you felt broken, I want to sit with you, all those years ago and hold you. You are so strong. I’m still not sure how we got through that chapter darling but we did.

Your future self was whispering all the greatness that was in store for you. You kept going and I need to thank you for that.
One day I will share our story and honour you for your hard work and strength. That’s my gift to you. To never forget you. The broken girl walking with God trusting that brighter days would arrive.

I remember your shame. You carried that for so long. I, your future self, didn’t want to carry it anymore so I worked hard to heal from the shame.
So much has changed. Life looks a lot different now. There is peace, freedom and happiness. The 3 things you always prayed for.
I still make mistakes, I still have to check myself and I’m still a nightmare when I’m tired but everything is different and it all makes sense.
The pain darling, was worth it. The soul work you did changed my life. So thank you! Thank you for surviving. Thank you for finding teachers and mentors. Thank you for finding God. Thank you for committing to your spiritual practise and thank you for having faith things would get better, because they did. Life became great and that dark time was the best thing to ever happen to me.
You, the girl from my past will always be my hero. Because of you, I’m living my purpose.  Because of you I’m doing my work in the world. Because of you, I am blessed to hold the hands of others on their own journey.

I’ve never told you this, but I am really proud of you..The girl from my past.

Thank you.

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