It’s not luck, it’s Intention..

Here I am, following my calling into the unknown. The free spirit, the gypsy and the nomad in me have been bursting to come out to play.
For sometime now, I’ve heard the whispers to go, to venture out and the truth is I tried to ignore it, however this little voice continued to talk to me over and over. Each time stronger than the last. My old buddy anxiety popped in to say hello a few times along the way and I know when this happens I’m in the ego and I’m resisting God’s will ( or The Universe’s will…whatever you want to call it).
It means I’m not in a space of full surrender. I knew Source was going to drop something on my lap. I could feel it and I was trying to be patient in the chaos of not knowing what was next.



At 30, shouldn’t I be settling down, planting roots with a partner?
Apparently yes, if you listen to anyone who wants to project their fears and limitations onto you.
I did think about this tho. Was it time to adult? Isn’t that what I should want to do? I mean, yeah a part of me does want that and I know it will happen but perhaps not just yet? There are still things I need to do, on my own.

I really did think I had the next few months planned out ( as much as a free spirit can plan ). A move to the coastal town of Byron would surely make for a banger summer right? I was pretty pumped about it, but here is where the Universe stepped in AGAIN and reminded me I am not in control of this journey called MY LIFE!!

Two weeks ago the idea of moving to Byron felt heavy. Not in a “caution” way.  More of a “ that’s not for you right now” type of way. So I said, ” ok, show me the way God”.

One week ago I knew the time had come where I REALLY needed to listen to Spirit. There was something I wasn’t acknowledging.

So, at 1am, I began to have a conversation with God.
It went a little something like this:

“ God, I feel lost and confused. I’m not sure what’s up or down. I’m laying here with worry in my heart. Why? What am I not acknowledging? What are you trying to tell me? Please show me very clearly what I must do. Where do I go next? Show me very clearly God, and I will do it”.

Within seconds I received the guidance I had asked for. It started filtering through, so I grabbed a pen and paper and started writing it down.
This is what I was told:

“ Move to Bali. A soul opening await’s you. Live bi – country. TRUST. You already know your truth. The boy will still be here and you can make it work. You can come and go at your free will. Your heart will tell you when your work in Bali is done. You must lead by example and share what you know. To not, is a dis- service to your fellows”.

The lightness that this guidance brought was so incredible. I knew I had been given the answers to my questions and all the worry I was carrying lifted with ease.

So, I set my intention to follow my Spirit and move. For what? I’m not sure but I still must go. There is work to do, connections to make, lesson’s to receive, teaching’s to share and a soul agreement I must fulfil as I continue to show up and lead others on a soul awakening journey of truth, love, power, connection, intuition and oneness. This is my work in the world.
All my days Earth side are committed to being a vessel of the light.


BUT!! – I’ve had an influx of people since, saying “ you’re so lucky. I wish I could do that’.

Here is the thing, luck has nothing to do with it. Intention is the word that needs to be in focus here.
I’m not living a certain way from luck. All that I am and all that I have created is from intention.

I wish I had a “ 10 step guide ” for you but I don’t. It’s not how I operate. Everything I do and teach is through feeling into your inner self. I teach, I guide, I share, I hold space and it all comes from my heart space. I preach and live by this.

What I can tell you is this:
– nothing is bad
– always look of the lessons you’re being given
– get a teacher/guide/mentor. Someone who you align with and can walk with you on your journey
– be willing to do the work. Get uncomfortable. Sit with all those icky feelings. Learn how to journey into them and move through them. You MUST do the work on YOURSELF first
– get clear about who you want to be, the life you wish to call in and the work you want to do. Get honest with yourself and don’t play small
– have a daily practice that you can return to each day and in moments of overwhelm or chaos
– remember, no one has their shit together so don’t compare yourself. I promise you, my shit is not even 1% together and I’m totally ok about that
– choose growth, always.

I sit here and see all the dot’s connecting and I cant help but have outbursts of random laughter from the joy. It FEELS wonderful but it didn’t come fast and it didn’t come easy. I committed to my growth, my God and myself many moons ago and it’s been a roller coaster journey. As a 30 year chapter closes, I feel like my life is just beginning. The life I began calling in the day I hit rock bottom, is aligning at speed. The love, friendships, freedom, adventure, growth etc have shown up and I have gratitude in my heart for my dark days and my commitment to finding my happiness, no matter what.

My wish for you is to do the same. Love yourself enough to say yes to life. In case you have forgotten, you are worthy of having peace, abundance and all the things you desire. YOU need to call it in tho.

Saying yes to your inner self and doing the work on you is your way of giving a thumbs up to the Universe. It’s your way of saying YES, I am ready.

I am committed to showing up in this life practising what I preach so for now, Bali is calling me and I must go.
I am deeply honoured to take you on this journey with me.

So much love,
Shanny x

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