Remember to Surrender

Surrendering to the unknown means not knowing what’s next and being ok with it. It means that you have fully surrendered to the Universe and have faith that you will receive the guidance and signs of what to do next.

As a self proclaimed wild woman, it’s kind of an exciting place to be.

Let’s be clear tho, it doesn’t mean I don’t have my moments of WTF!! I do! but they are generally few and far between. ( except Mercury Retrograde. It seems to be an ongoing WTF moment while she is in charge)

See the thing is, I learned many years ago what it was to surrender. What it was to loosen the grip and give up control. I fully accepted that there is a higher power handling everything.

It’s not my job to figure anything out. My job is to show up and follow what my intuition is telling me and to be brave with that. My job is to take inspired action when I receive the sign’s and guidance I’ve asked for, because what good is it to continually ask for guidance only to be scared to take the action? How would I ever step into flow? How would the Universe and I simultaneously give each other the nod?

Life is full of ebbs and flows. Thats just how it is. How would you ever learn, grow and get perspective if things were “perfect” all the time?

Here’s something I want you to get your head around. Thing’s ARE in fact perfect all the time. Every eb you have is actually the Universe delivering what you’ve asked for. Don’t you see that?

You’ve asked for the perfect partner or more abundance? Brilliant! You’re totally worthy of that!

Here is the things most people miss.

When you ask the Universe for something big like your twin flame or increased financial abundance, who you are and where you’re at obviously doesn’t have that, does it? Thats why you’re asking for it.

You’re sitting at A and what you want is at B.

The Universe is more than willing to give you what you want because the Universe is a bloody legend like that so it’s going to start moving you down the path to get you to B.

The B version of you is a little more secure, has a bit more wisdom, knows the value and vibration of money a bit better, your self love tank is a little more full and you’re just a wee bit more awake.

What you must not forget is you’re going to need to go through growth, my love and growth can look different each and every time. What’s important is that you see it for what it is. It’s not bad, it’s good. It means you’re on the way to getting what you desire. Celebrate! Thank the Universe for the growth.

The key is to stay aware of your ego. Don’t let it cripple you, no matter how bad things might seem. Your job is to get really curious and ask WHY. Why are you experiencing what you’re experiencing? What do you need to learn? What changes do you need to make? Why are you reacting the way you are? Are you in faith or fear? What are you not acknowledging?

Ask God/ Universe to show you very clearly what your next right action to take is.  Ask to be shown “the way” and then surrender over and over again. Keep handing your thoughts and fears over to God while you follow his guidance.

We are merely a vessel on Earth to do God’s work. Surrender everything to him. Trust that whatever is showing up is part of your journey. Take the lesson from it and continue on.

What do I do pre surrender/ mid freak out? I drop to my knee’s and I pray for help and guidance.

It look’s a little like this-

God,  I need you to show up for me right now. I need your help. I don’t know what the eff I’m doing. Please show me very clearly what my next action to take is. Please show me the way. Show me what to do and I will do it. Thy will not mine be done. Thank you. Amen.

Lots of love,

Shanny x

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