Dear Future Husband – Letter #2

As an awakened woman I crave soul connection. I crave authenticity. I crave a certain type of magic.

I don’t care about your car, your house or your money.

Teach me things. Ask me questions. Allow me to tell you my deepest fear’s or random thought’s.. Take me on random adventures. Laugh with me until we’re both unable to breathe.

I’m an inquisitive girl. I’m going to ask you so many question’s but I’m going to need you to want to know all about me too. I need you to know me.

Let me trust you. Let me run to you when I need to cry. I want you to be that person. You don’t have to do anything. Just be there. That’s what I value.

Don’t buy me an expensive diamond ring. There is nothing I could wear prouder than your last name.

Don’t buy me gift’s on my birthday. Let’s go have fun and make a memory instead.

Ask me how my day was and it will mean more to me than a bunch of flowers.

Swim with me in the ocean and it will fix any argument we might have had.

If I wanted things, I would have settled by now. Anyone can give me things. What I’m waiting for is something money can never buy.

Don’t worry about romancing me. Focus on being my best friend.

I will take beer and pizza at sunset over an expensive restaurant any day.

Take me to your favourite pub with live music.

Introduce me to your friend’s. Let me love them like you love them.

You can keep your thing’s. I just need your hand.

I’m not the type of girl for every man. Some might not know what to do with me because you cant love me with thing’s. You’re going to need to step up and meet me where I’m at. The bar I’ve set will never be lowered. I’ve done that before and I was shattered into a million pieces.

I’m a tough marker, I know but I promise I will show up for you everyday as well. I will match you every step of the way because you deserve that too.

I don’t need you to be perfect because I’m not either. My list of flaw’s will match anyone’s so I need you to call me out on my BS. Don’t let me get away with thing’s. Help me be the best version of me because that’s what the greatest relationship’s are all about. I want something that’s real.

I want to be 90 years old next to you, watching our children play with their children knowing we taught them what it means to have a rich life. It really has nothing to do with things.


Shanny x

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