Dear Future Husband..

Dear future husband,

I waited for you. I refused to settle. I refused to “wait and see how it goes” with other men. I refused to fill any boredom with tinder swipes or tinder dates.

I knew you would show up magically, when all the stars aligned.

I knew somewhere out there you were searching for me too, refusing to settle.

I knew when I saw you, I would just know and so would you. Our soul’s would recognise one another. There would be a sense of familiarity, calmness…..a feeling of “I’m home”.

My daydream’s of endless laughter, chasing summer adventures, honesty and loyalty were not hopeful wishes but memories of our great love in past live’s. It’s always been nothing short of magical in every lifetime.

My incessant need to wait for you, no matter how long it took for you to find me was merely our soul agreement to each other. We agreed that we would once again find one another and share this life time together.

There was never a space or time that would have made me give up searching for you. I knew you would find me.

The deepest wound’s my heart ever received only made me more determined to wait for you.

See, I didn’t need you to fix me. I had already done that. I had been broken and repaired myself, all on my own. I needed to do that. I needed to be young, make mistakes, feel alone and hit a certain depth of despair.

I made a vow when I was at my rock bottom to be the best possible version of myself.  I think I was wanting to be the best version of me for you, too.

My past and my pain will always be some of my greatest teacher’s. I needed to be reminded what love wasn’t, in order to remember what love was. You, are love.

I needed a few years on my own, to find myself and to love myself, fully and freely. I needed to experience going from girl to woman on my own and to ground myself in the Divine power all women carry. That was also part of my soul contract.

Although at times I prayed so hard that you would find me immediately, I want to thank you for sitting back and allowing me to learn some of life’s most valuable lesson’s before you reached for my hand.

So, my love. I close with this, “ When two people are meant for each other, no time is too long, no distance too far and nobody can keep them apart “. – anon

Never stop finding me.

All my love,

Shanny x

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